Verifone Omni 396 Technical Details

  • CPU: Zilog Z80180006VSCĀ  Z180 MPU
  • Crystal: 12.2880Mhz
  • FLASH: AM29F010-120FC
  • Memory: M5M5408AFP-70LL
  • PAL: PALCE16V8Q-25JC
  • Modem: Rockwell RC2424DPL R6642-25
  • Calendar: OKI M6242B

I/O Map

  • 0x00 – 0x3F: Z180 internal
  • 0x40 – 0x5F: RC2424DPL
  • 0x60 – 0x6F: M6264B
  • 0x80 – 0x8F: KIO


2 thoughts on “Verifone Omni 396 Technical Details”

  1. Any chance of getting some more info, like the offset the opsys firmware is flashed to, executed from. or even a copy of the cpm bios you made?

    1. David,
      Where in the flash the OPSYS firmware resides isn’t important when using the Verifone routines to flash it. The firmware is executed starting from address zero after the bootstrap firmware runs. The CP/M BIOS is just the UNABIOS from the (formerly known as) N8VEM group as used on the Mark IV Z180 board.

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