Running Zork!

Verifone Omni 396 Running Zork
Verifone Omni 396 Running Zork

Now for the final goal, which was to run Zork.

I loaded a disk image from the MultiComp project containing a large number of CP/M based programs.

I uploaded the remap command from the UNA CP/M system and mapped the appropriate slice into one of the drive letters.

I changed the system to the correct drive, and ran  The results are shown above.

This project turned out to be a big hit at VCFMW, with a number of people sitting down to play Zork or other games on the system.

As I looked at the timestamps on the files and reviewed the process, I was surprised to see that I ran my own firmware only a month after purchasing the device.  I was able to complete the entire system as displayed in only two months, which included the time waiting for the MicroSD adapter cards.